We're so proud that some of the best-known labels in fashion use our logo to highlight products made from our quality Irish Linen. Baird McNutt is recognized around the world. Just google 'Baird McNutt Irish linen' to see how many brands are telling their customers about us.

Our name has become the recognized mark of quality Irish Linen.

Use our brand to help tell your product story.

We offer an affordable product marketing pack to help you promote your Irish Linen range. The BMN label program offers woven labels and swing tickets that ship with your fabric. For established long-term customers we offer our secondary label program. This is a marketing pack of labels and swing-tickets with co-branding. These are used by customers who have established Baird McNutt as an important product category within their range. These promotion tools ship with the fabric to your factory.

For more information about the product marketing programs, get in touch with your Baird McNutt regional representative.