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How Stock Support Works

Browse through the Icons catalogue making note of the reference for fabrics and colours you would like to order. Click on the Order Form button at the top of any of the catalogue pages. Fill in your details and we will arrange invoice for payment and shipment.

Swatch Service
If you register your company we offer a swatch service. Click on the Order Form button at the top of the catalogue page. It pops up in another window of your browser. Make note of swatches you would like and enter the references in the order form.

Stock Supported Collections

'Icons' is a range of quintessential linens. Fabrics that, over time have established themselves as distinctly recognizable category leaders.  Paired down to the right qualities and colours, this collection is the foundation of classic styling -chambray, stripes, gingham, casual and smart tailoring .

Icons of Irish Linen is Stock Supported

The 'Icons' collection is the ideal fabric sourcing tool for entrepreneurial brands .  There are no minimum order quantities  which means it’s scalable and flexible. It allows your brand to trial and test our product before committing to larger volumes.

Our Icons service is for registered companies only. If you would like to purchase for your own use you can find the Icons for sale on our John Hanna store.  Here.

To learn how to pick and order fabric click here: How It Works .
Shirt, Blouse and Dress Weights

Light to Medium Weights : Shirts, Blouses and Dresses

150 gsm

At 150 gsm Glenarm is the ideal weight for light weight garments. Used by clients for shirting, blouses & summer dresses. Often garment washed  but Glenarm works exceptionally well in its clean finish (RegZ). You also have the option of adding a laundered finish to the fabric (RTX2).

119 gsm

Our lightest linen, iconic sheer linen, originally used in the 19th century for handkerchiefs,and now used for the lightest linen shirtings and blouses.

Claire Yarn Dye
130 gsm

Claire Yarn Dye is a small range of the most iconic linen shirt designs. This range works from one colour palette, which means you can mix and match the Claire articles in your collections and designs..

270 gsm

Glenariff is a high quality mercerized and fully shrunk linen suiting, this 100% Irish linen fabric is the highest quality linen material for suits, jackets and trousers. Manufactured using traditional methods.

238 gsm

Milltown is the go to linen cloth for summer tailoring. It has body and excellent drape for unlined jackets and pants. This fabric is very popular with clients in garment washed casual items like shorts.

Icons Product Tailoring and Casual

208 gsm

A medium weight Twill weave suiting fabric. This Parkgate Twill has an extra soft fluid drape, but maintains that crisp clean linen feel.

Dunmore YD
209 gsm

Dunmore Yarn Dyed suiting are a range of classic plaid and checks. Crisp body with soft hand feel.

Article / Colour

Article: Name it

Chambray is a warp / weft mix of coloured yarns. Typically a dark colour desaturated with 50% of the yarn being white.

Article Name: Whatever
100% Linen
150cm / 59"
Weight: 110g/m2, 3.9oz sq

Stocked in rolls of 50 Meters